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All of our positions are listed in the black bar and if you'd like to be considered, you would fill out the form in the pink bar. We will get back to you at our earliest convenience and will be notifying you whether or not we choose your application. Thank you for considering a career with A Pink Teapot.


On Location Tea Server

Must have customer service experience, must be available for a training.

Would like someone who can handle high stress situations.

Duties: Serve tea, educate clients, keep a clean station.


Customer Service Rep

Must be personable. Preferred sales rep experience or reception experience. Must be technology savvy and willing to learn about the products in order to successfully answer questions.

Duties: Help answer chat lines.


Social Media Influencer

Looking for people who are willing to promote the brand to all social media platforms for free samples of our tea. Then generate traffic to our website and help sales.

Duties: Post on social media and get people to use your social media code for purchases. 


Marketing and Promotions Specialist

Looking for someone who can help us market our brand to others and boost our social media.


Tea Party Planner

Prepping the tea, organizing the location, speaking with sponsors or vendors, booking staff and/ or people to cover the events, setting up the event space, and preparing the tea if needed. 

Duties: Help in any way for the entirety of the planning and prepping for our events.


Thanks for submitting!

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