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let tea change your life

It all started with a pink teapot for our owner.

That was when she decided that she was going to educate herself on teas from all over the world. She fell in love with the flavors and health benefits that tea had to offer and wanted others to love it too! A Pink Teapot is dedicated to a different tea drinking experience where you get to shop, try, and love teas according to what you need in your life... and we think, your life needs more tea!

We believe in Fair Trade so our flavors come from authentic places where teas are grown without mistreating workers or the tea leaves. There are no chemicals and no middle men, before your tea is delivered. A Pink Teapot gives you real flavor and great benefits with lower costs.

Tea brings people closer. We make sure that there's always a sale or discount on our website so that you can get the most out of A Pink Teapot.

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